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  • 2.5" Storage

    2.5" Storage (6)

    Your 2.5” SSD and SAS drives demand packaging that is a secure fit.  Chipsalz offer quantity options with slots that are sized for your specific product.
  • 3.5" Storage

    3.5" Storage (6)

    Choose packaging for your 3.5” HDD that is sized for your product.  From bulk partition kit options down to single clamshells, Chipsalz ships from stock everyday.
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone (2)

    Two universal multi-pack options for shipping Cell Phones.  Protection and presentation for your mobile assets.
  • Chromebook

    Chromebook (1)

    Chromebook Multi-pack Storage & Shipper Kit
  • CPU Bulk

    CPU Bulk (13)

    Check out this list…. Chipsalz stocks the largest number of CPU and processor trays on the market.  We provide detailed specs on each tray to ensure you are getting the right tray shipped to you every time.
  • CPU Single Case

    CPU Single Case (5)

    Look no further for shipping small quantities of CPUs.  Chipsalz offer 5 sizes of single hard plastic and anti-static foam sets. 
  • ESD Bags

    ESD Bags (4)

    Chipsalz ESD bags are open ended and ship as a kit with yellow ESD warning labels. 
  • Laptop

    Laptop (1)

    The most versatile multi-pack solution for shipping Laptops, Chromebook, iPAD & tablets, shipping from stock every day.
  • M.2/Slim SATA

    M.2/Slim SATA (6)

    Small form factor SSD, including M.2, NVMe, mSATA and Slim SATA with options for single through bulk options.
  • Optics

    Optics (4)

    Look no further for the right IT packaging for your transceivers.  Single and bulk solutions are in stock for your SFP, GLC-T and QSFP with pull tab.
  • PCI Card

    PCI Card (1)

    One clamshell that fits 80% of the Network Adaptor cards on the market, see the partial list of models below. ESD protected with clear display of both sides of drive.

    SODIMM (6)

    You deserve packaging choices for your LAPTOP SODIMM memory modules.  From our 100CT DDR3 and 50CT DDR3/4 down to our single and dual retail clamshells.  Chipsalz has stocks the options you need.

    UDIMM (8)

    Find below all of our most popular packaging options for UDIMM memory.
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